New Process for Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Downhole Steam

ACES’ patented process, Thermoxafication, is a downhole re-pressurization process where steam, CO2 and nitrogen are injected simultaneously into an oil well at high velocity, temperature and pressure for the enhanced recovery of heavy crude hydrocarbons from an oil formation.

Downhole Steam Generator for Enhanced Oil Recovery

• Can generate steam at depths up to 20,000 feet
• Increases oil productivity / recoveries
• No emissions
• Lowers the viscosity of oil

Success & Production

Thermoxafication process was successfully tested in an East Texas oil field, during which it increased the daily output of oil at this site by 3 times and the DHSG exceeded a milestone for functioning downhole maintenance-free for 367 continuous days.

Currently BlackBird™ Energy, LLC is commercially operating on an 80-acre ranch lease near Sonora, Texas.

Near Zero thermal line loss

Significantly lower lift cost

CO2 and other byproducts sequestered or collected and sold